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Kristina Dam studio
Outline collection

KristinaDamStudio_SS23_32 (1).jpg

The 2023 Collection

Sculptural and functional objects frame our collection with clean,
honest, and contemporary designs that honour our passion for
craftsmanship and material.

We define Sculptural Minimalism by merging the artist's meticulous
attention to detail with the architect's vision and spatial understanding.
The respect for nature's materials is integral to every piece, our passion
for diligent craftsmanship is evident in every item, and each design
is more than just interior objects. They add a statement to any room.

In 2023 we continue our exploration of the interactions between
positive and negative spaces, new artworks are designed to complete
contemporary spaces, and functional objects acclaim Sculptural

"We aim to design products with a sculptural approach - functional
designs with character and expression that complements many interior
settings. The additions to our classic series and the new sculptural
designs epitomize the essence of Kristina Dam Studio; sculptural,
functional, and honest materials,"

Kristina Dam, Founder, Brand & Design Director.

Stack wall shelf

Axis side table


Stack boxes

KristinaDamStudio_SS23_10 (1).jpg

Stool  & table oak

Serif vase

Curved shelf

Collector table

Grid cabinet